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If you plan to write as a way to earning a living or explore your creativity, you can submit your written pieces to the necessary article writing directories. Article writing can be in the form of blogging or create your personal website. Note that it is recommended that you write on the niches that you are more aware of.

The article directories are highly recommended since they create a platform where the writers get exposed and easily noticed by their targeted audiences. With the article directories, you also have an opportunity of getting indexed by search engines and others.

Other methods used include the copy link where your articles get copied to other websites. This helps the writer’s articles get noticed by other readers once they click on the link copied on the websites. This method is also referred to as article marketing.

Factors to consider in article marketing.

• Ensure the articles written are high quality, informative, and the keyword should be optimized as well.

• Ensure to write your articles on regular basis and submit them to the directories.

Here are three recommended sources for article writing.

They are as follows;

• Writing the content yourself.

• Pay a ghostwriter to complete it for you.

• Utilize Private Label Rights (PLR).

All these three sources have their pros and cons especially when used individually, but writers can outdo the cons in article writing by combining two or three of the listed writing sources. Note that time, budget and ROI should be considered when selecting the combination of the writing sources to work with.

Writing the Articles Yourself.

This is one of the most used writing sources thanks to its wide range of pros. One, this method is cheap since writers do not require spending more money to outsource for the writing services. It allows them to reflect their personalities, and utilize a uniform writing style all through which is liked by a majority of readers.

This method still gives the article writers a chance get creative and employ their writing skills especially if the article is about a niche that they are well familiar with.

Getting Someone to Write For You.

This method of article writing is mainly recommended for people who are working on different niches, or if you want to focus on other activities such as following up with your readers’ feedback. This method requires the article writer to outsource or hire other freelancers to write content for posting. Some pros of outsourcing for article writers include;

It saves you time since you get the articles written quickly and on time, plus you have an opportunity of specializing in different topics as you have enough workforce to write the articles.

The freelancers who are involved in this source are referred to as ghostwriters.

These writers write the articles and later transfer ownership to the bloggers or website owners at a fee. This method can highly benefit people who want to venture into blogging or who want to create a website because the majority of these ghostwriters have better writing skills than the owners of these bloggers and the websites.

Some factors that influence the ghostwriting fees are;

• The level of expertise required for our niche.

• The type of articles to be written.

• The amount of research required.

When hiring the ghostwriters, make sure to draft an agreement to ensure that the articles they write are not posted on other websites or even resold to other blog and website owners. This enables you to prevent plagiarism.

Using PrivateLabel Rights (PLR).

This is a writing source offered on various websites. This source requires the article writer to use another writer’s articles just the way they are without changing the content or even the title. One con of using this method is that it limits the visibility of the article writer since a majority of the website that offers PLR limit the membership size from 200 to 1000.


From the above three article writing sources, the most recommended method is the tactic of hiring ghostwriters. Just ensure to make some changes once the ghostwriter submits the articles.

Some recommended changes to make on these articles include;

• Change the title.

• Rewrite the first, middle, and last paragraph of the submitted article.

• Change the keyword phrase but, ensure to use a keyword with the same meaning.

• Add more details to modify the article fit your personality, and make it look different from the original version submitted by the ghostwriter.

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