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Hello World, my name is Alex Rivera and I have always wanted to set up my own business. I searched for the most rewarding areas and zeroed upon online marketing as the area of focus. This was primarily for two reasons. First because a business cannot reach its full potential without online marketing. The second, is I truly believe that malls and retail stores will not exist in the near future.

Starting a home-based business sounds great.  There is no dress code, you can choose your hours and start without a huge investment, however the enthusiasm is short lived as you would shortly hit the obstacles of digital marketing. Lazy Online Marketing was created so you, the entrepreneur, can learn and use digital marketing at your own pace. The goal of Lazy Online Marketing is to cut the learning curve, so you can spend less time researching and more time focusing on growing your business.


At Lazy Online Marketing we do not fear failure, failure allows us to learn and try again. It is well known that Edison had to try 1000 times before succeeding and he said after inventing the light bulb – “I found 1000 ways of not doing it”. We will show you how to implement marketing techniques and reap the benefits. I will be transparent and share my thoughts on product reviews, backlinks, logo design, and how to become profitable.  I will tell you exactly how to earn money on the internet. Be a Lazy Online Marketer today.

All The Best

Alex Rivera


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